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Submitting a Ticket Via E-Mail

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Opening a Ticket for Support

Our automated ticketing system is in place so that we can ensure all of your requests get answered in a timely fashion and stay document both in your user area and our user area.
If you would like to open a ticket with us, you must be a registered user.
Since our system only accepts email from the addresses of our registered clients, you must ensure that your email address is correct in the your user area. If you have more than one email address or employees that you would like to be able to contact us through this system please see the section on Adding Aditional Contacts.
You can open up a ticket by sending an email to one of the two email addresses:

Choosing the Right Support Address

If you are opening up a ticket for any of the following items, please send it to
  • Billing
  • Technical Support
  • Application Support
  • Affiliate Information
  • Sales
If you are submitting a request for changes to your website (Including: Deleting, Adding, Modifying static or dynamic conent) please send it to

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