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How do I access my Virtualmin Panel?

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Accessing my Virtualmin Panel

All registered users can access their Virtualmin panel using the https:// protocol on port 10005.
For example:
You have a website called You would use the following address to access your control panel:
Your initial username and password can be found in your Customer ePortal by logging in at and clicking on "My Services" followed by the right most icon on the line right next to the next due date of the site you are trying to access.
Once you are at the "Product Details" page you will see a section that says "Login Details". Right below that you will see the username and password to login to Virtualmin.
Note: If you change your password in Virtualmin this page will not change, so please ensure that you remember your new password.
If you forget your password to Virtualmin you can open up a ticket with and we can reset it to the original one.

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