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IPv6 Addresses now available on all VPS services

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IPv6 addesses are available on all OpenVZ based VPS accounts at no additional cost.

There is a one time setup fee of $19.99 to activate IPv6 addresses. All subsequent requests and modifications have no charge.

For more information on IPv6 click here We are proud to announce, that our IPv6 network is now online. We have connectivity to the following upstream providers as of today:

  • Cogent Communications (AS174)
  • NeTELLIGENT Hosting Services (AS10929)
  • Hurricane Electric (AS6939)

If you are a current customer looking to add IPv6 connectivity to your existing VPS, please open a support ticket. Note: While these IP addresses do not have a monthly per-unit cost. Justifications are still required for larger amounts of IP addresses to be allocated. Please refer to the ARIN policy regarding the exact policy that we follow.

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