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Exciting New Services in 2013

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Ottawa ON — We have a bunch of new and exciting changes coming in 2013. In March 2013, we are planning to move to a new state of the art facility in the Montreal Stock Exchange building at 800 Square Victoria. This is a strategic change that will give us more room for growth, while enabling us to keep the exact same network layout (upstreams & peers).

There will be an official notice sent to all clients detailing when we will be scheduling our move. As part of this opportunity, we will setting up a brand new network topology and upgrade all of our networking gear. We will be proud to say that our network will be 100% Juniper which will give the best performance for our current customers.

Also, we will be offering KVM Virtual Servers for the first time under the Media-Hosts brand. We will be actively looking for beta testers and will be making a call out on Twitter for 15-30 day trials of our set plans. Follow us on Twitter @mhosts and be one of the lucky individuals that will be able to take part in this limited availability beta test.

We are also happy to announce that new E5 2600 series VPS nodes will be procured and provisioned with a mix of Hybrid and SSD drives to increase CPU performance and Disk I/O. Current customers on VPS Lite, VPS Plus and VPS Premium on the Media-Hosts brand, and Large and Extra Large customers on the brand will be seamlessly transferred onto the new platforms as they become available at no additional cost.

Dedicated server customers may already have noticed that MRTG bandwidth graphs are now available via the ePortal ( when viewing your service online. You will be able to view your servers data usage in real time with 1 minute polling intervals for the maximum accuracy.

Note for Canadian Customers:
As a reminder to the email we sent at the beginning of January. For all invoices issued on and after February 1st 2013, HST or GST will be charged based on the province in which your primary billing contact is located. Please update all of your PayPal automatic payment profiles to the new amount in order to avoid any possible billing discrepancies.

We are looking forward to serving you in 2013 and many more years to come.


Media-Hosts Inc.

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